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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Unhinged Grief

Found amidst pictures of a beautiful white dog...

    We had our fourteen year old dog, Luna, euthanized today.
    And I am angry. I’m angry and I’m overcome with sorrow.
    Luna was the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. She was the smartest, the most docile, the quietest and loveliest creature among her kind, and it makes me angry that something I loved as much as she is dead.
    It makes me angry that people walk around this world laughing and scorning eternal life and the resurrection of the dead. It makes me angry that people of the Academy, the Media, the Government, the entertainment industry have got nothing but hatred for Christians and those who suffer the pain of losing beloved people and creatures and who turn with their whole hearts to the redeemer of sorrows and the resurrector of life.
    Have these people, these haters, these vicious, cynical homunculi never lost someone, something they loved to death, and not known in their heart that there must be something more than death? Have these wise fools never grasped the depth of grief, the righteous demand for a justice which makes love itself an eternal reward?

(emphasis added)

Um, sorry for your loss, but, huh? Ok, you're torn up inside, but, who the hell is the Academy? And who exactly hates people who suffer the pain of losing beloved people and creatures?

Saw your comments at the embarassing Sgt Smash.

Good show.

"The Academy" is a way to talk about the Professors and those at the Universities.

Plato founded the first "Academy" after the Athenians tried and killed Socrates. It was far from downtown Athens.
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