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Monday, December 12, 2005

Taking It Personally

Sorry I've been out of touch. I've been busy putting food on my family.

Like a lot of San Diegans, I'm torn about what to do about Duke Cunningham. At the very least, I hope he does some seriously hard time. If I supported the death penalty I would add him to my short list of people who truly deserve it: Jonathan Pollard, The John Walker gang, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen. Stringing up people who truly betrayed and undermined this country should have the chilling effect that the death penalty currently does not have by only executing poor colored folk.

We are reminded all the time that "We are at War", and it seems we will always be at war. This war has cost us billions of dollars, and as a result of that, the war will cost us New Orleans. We are at war and Duke, along with quite a few of the Republicans running the place, are pissing away money like beer at a rush party. And I am personally quite bitter about the amount of time and effort I've spent trying to get into that money stream.

I spent quite a lot of time in companies large and small, trying to get attention for products that could really solve problems the government in general and armed forces in particular were and are having. Most of these products have been communications systems: from instant high-speed communications (in the 2000's) to encrypted portable email (back in the early 90's!). We did it the way dozens of guides tell you you are supposed to, go to the shows, arrange demos for interest groups, respond to RFP's and get coverage in the technical journals. We always suspected that companies who jumped ahead of us in line had a hidden advantage, we just didn't know it was pandering to an over compensating latent homosexual's need for French antiques.

Make no mistake: Our mission at Tip Top Equities is to sift through the thousands of underperforming companies out there to find the golden needle in the haystack. A stock worthy of your investment. A stock with the potential for big returns. More often than not, the stocks we profile show a significant increase in stock price, sometimes in days, not months or years. We have come across what we feel is one of those rare deals that the public has not heard about yet. Read on to find out more.

Nano Superlattice Technology Inc. (OTCBB Symbol: NSLT) is a nanotechnology company engaged in the coating of tools and components with nano structured PVD coatings for high-tech industries.

Nano utilizes Arc Bond Sputtering and Superlattice technology to apply multi-layers of super-hard elemental coatings on an array of precision products to achieve a variety of physical properties. The application of the coating on industrial products is designed to change their physical properties, improving a product's durability, resistance, chemical and physical characteristics as well as performance. Nano's super-hard alloy coating materials were especially developed for printed circuit board drills in response to special market requirements

The cutting of circuit boards causes severe wear on the cutting edge of drills and routers. With the increased miniaturization of personal electronics devices the dimensions of holes and cut aways are currently less than 0.2 mm. Nano coats tools with an ultra thin coating (only a few nanometers in thickness) of nitrides which can have a hardness of up to half that of diamond. This has proven to increase tool life by almost ten times. Nano plans to continue research and development into these techniques due to the vast application range for this type of nanotechnology

We believe that Nano is a company on the move. With today?s steady move towards miniaturization we feel that Nano is a company with the right product at the right time. It is our opinion that an investment in Nano will produce great returns for our readers.

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