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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gee, You're Dumb

So Scott Johnson, the Big Trunk of Time's Blog of the Year[sic] 2004 wonders why the Pentagon is not responding to Stephen Hayes' Freedom of Information Act requests for documents that prove there were WMD's in Iraq According to Hayes:

    the Department of Defense has denied a request from The Weekly Standard to release unclassified documents recovered in postwar Iraq. These documents apparently reveal, in some detail, activities of Saddam Hussein's regime in the years before the war.

And Johnson's brilliant conclusion?

    Hayes refrains from suggesting the answer here, but the answer is related to the biggest story of the day: The war of the bureaucracy against the Bush administration, and the administration's reluctance to fight back. This is a story that is lying in plain view, waiting to be told.

Let me summarize that for you. In Johnson's view the Pentagon, the one that continuously tells us the war is going well and the sacrifice is worth it, would rather smear the Bush administration than produce documents that prove the war was worth it. Um, one more time: Johnson is accusing the Pentagon of undermining the war effort. Jeez, I thought that was the job of us liberals.

As a San Diegan, may I suggest that Mr. Johnson move some place where the winters are not so long [but not here!], or at least check to make sure that his furnace is well-ventilated? This sort of psychosis may have an organic rather than genetic origin.

Very nice!
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