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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Leading Causes of Stupidity

A long time ago I consigned the founders of the Tobacco Institute to hell. I've got more to add. In fact, if you are in any way, shape, or form part of promulgating the new and vast ignorance called Intelligent Design, you're going to hell. The reason why I know this is that ID is contributing to our economic decline. How you ask? Let the sensei, Kung Fu Monkee, explain:

    Seriously. Here you are, Tsui or Sanjay, looking at a new cenury. A century in which the exponential curve of technology's rise becomes a sheer cliff. In which only the most intellectually nimble countries, best able to master new information technologies and couple them with manufacturing bases with high levels of technical training, will survive.
    And you're looking at that big bastard across the ocean, the US of A. First to build the Bomb. First to master the secrets of the atom. First to build the semiconductor. First and only tribe of humans who actually put men on the GODDAM MOON, to have stepped on another rock in space. Decoders of the human genome, the VERY BOOK OF LIFE !!! How will we ever stop --
    Wow, they forfeit. Cool.

Read all of this. Read it now.

Ok, if you're done with that, here's what I think. I don't comment on, and I certainly don't make fun of, profoundly held religious beliefs. True faith is powerful, mysterious, and life-altering. True faith writes symphonies, consoles the sick and dying, and stregthens people enough to die for the God that calls them to sacrifice. But I have to laugh at people who are so shaky in their beliefs, so enamoured of the fads that sweep through these United States, so damn weak, that something like Evolution challenges their faith in God.

Really people! If you are such a loser, so timid, so scared of truly trying to walk in the footsteps of Jesus that the proven existence of change in the frequency of alleles over time within a species can chase you away, well you don't have faith, you just have a membership in a social club that meets on Sundays. And if your God requires that you insist on ignorance in place of asking and answering questions using the rigors of the scientfic method, please keep him to yourself and out of our educational system. See, I even said please.

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