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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Blows their Cover

There are some in the rightwing community who are using the Katrina disaster for straight-up, just as Gawd meant it to be, racism:

    Everyone knows the 50 different versions of the joke about the Meteor (apocalypse, whatever) heading to earth and The New York Times (or Washington Post) running the headline: "World Ends: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit."
    Here's ABC News:

      Poorest Hit Hardest By Hurricane Katrina

      Disaster Disproportionately Affects Those Who Can Least Afford It

Well yeah Jonah. That's because the majority of folks clinging to rooftops are the ones who didn't have a car or disposable income to get the hell out of town. In other words, the poor, you F****** DIP**** WH***!

But leave it to the old-fashioned Brits at the Corner to give it to us straight:

    AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW ORLEANS [Iain Murray] A college contemporary of mine whose home is in New Orleans has a few observations, and in this case the language is, I feel, warranted:

      The city is f***ed. Some of the looters are people stealing necessaries (which is fair enough and which I understand) but there are a lot nicking jewellery and electronics, including police officers. The latter should all be f***ing shot, in my view...
      As you may have noticed from the coverage, the only people left in the city are emergency workers and very poor black people. Of particular concern, is that the latter group generally do not know how to swim.

    Precisely. ...

Bracing, to hear the truth so cogently put eh wot? Boy! A splash more bitters in the pink gin, damn your heathen eyes!

Dude, the joke: "World Ends: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit" is on the media, not the downtrodden, and the swimming pool deal has common circulation. During segregation, blacks weren't allowed in white swimming pools and the black pools were so crappy nobody wanted to use them, so Southern blacks aren't much for swimming to this day.

While it's tasteless to make jokes while people are dying (mostly thanks to the Louisiana government's refusal to let the Red Cross and Salvation Army feed them) these aren't really racist shots.
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