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Sunday, June 26, 2005

So Hugh, What Do You Really Mean?

Salem radio host Hugh Hewitt on his self-named blog:

    The Democratic Party and its liberal/left supporters negligence with regard to southeast Asia in the '70s bought about the deaths of millions and the enduring communist governments of Vietnam and Laos and the desperate circumstances of Cambodia. ...
    Now the same Democratic Party, the same liberal/left, the same John Kerry and Ted Kennedy and some of the same anti-war protestors grown old and respectable are urging that timelines for unilateral withdrawal be set, the words "bug out" and "quagmire" and back, and once again an ally is beginning to feel the full support of the Democratic Party like a knife in the back.

So Hugh, what do you do about people who stab you in the back? Is it time to start stocking up on plywood and replacement glass? Is that really what you want people to believe you're capable of?

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