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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Voices in the Late Night

She was yelling at our next door neighbor a few days back, speaking vicious words in a hard cutting tone.

"Don't you turn away from me, don't you ignore me! I'm talking to you and by GOD you will listen this time"

Our neighbor couldn't say anything to this woman who he didn't know, this woman his wife turned into. Later in the day I saw his truck parked near the park, and saw him walking slowly along the pathways, his crippled hands clasped behind his back, his head hanging down wearing the old SDSU cap from the 50's.

It seems that neither God nor evolution cares about us once we pass breeding age; the infirmities of body and mind of old age are things that rarely visited humans when the life expectancy averaged 45 years. I do know that no loving God would visit this disease on people He cared about. Which means that it is up to us as humans to cure it and support the afflicted ourselves.

My next door neighbor is a better man than I, still devout, but wondering now. He too knows that he was richly blessed and unutterably lucky to meet his soulmate, and grateful for every minute with her. I'm not sure that would comfort me if I had to face Alzheimer's in the woman I love, but they seem to help him soldier on, still speaking softly into her sometimes hectoring, sometimes sad and lost, words.

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