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Friday, March 18, 2005

Steaming Hypocrisy Served By Holy Eunuchs

John McCusker died at age 31 while on ski vacation in Mamoth California. John McCusker was an nightclub owner, entrepreneur and an all around big-hearted guy. He helped raise money for the Polinsky Center, trying to help it become more than just a place where troubled kids are dumped by an uncaring society. He served as Vice-President of the the San Diego Business Association, and helped raise money for scholarships and to fight AIDS.

John was such a valuable member of the community that:

    San Diego County Board of Supervisors along with the City of San Diego officially named August 27, 1999 "John McCusker Day" for his outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the county of San Diego and the general well-being of the area residents and for his notable achievements and contributions.

John was 26 at the time.

John was an alum of the University of San Diego, and his funeral was planned for Immaculata basilica on campus. Until the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, Robert Brom, told the Immaculata, and every one of the 98 catholic Churches in San Diego and Imperial Counties that John McCusker could not receive the sacrament of a funeral.

You see, that nightclub John owned has a gay clientele. And John was gay.

    The diocese issued a statement yesterday, saying: "The facts regarding the business activities of John McCusker were not known by church officials when arrangements were requested for his funeral. However, when these facts became known, the bishop concluded that to avoid public scandal Mr. McCusker cannot be granted a funeral in a Catholic church in the chapel of the Diocese of San Diego."
    Valdivia wouldn't comment when asked to specify which of McCusker's business activities violated church doctrine. He emphasized that the church's decision had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of McCusker, who was gay. Instead, the decision was based on McCusker's "public activity" as a businessman, Valdivia said.

Maybe if John had been a heterosexual crime boss whose only crimes were loan-sharking, pimping, dealing drugs, and murder he could have gotten a funeral with the Bishop himself presiding.

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