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Monday, February 14, 2005

And Tay-Sachs is a Social Disease

The newspapers for mouth breathers would have you know that Sickle Cell anemia is one of the many diseases you can catch from dirty immigrants.

Ok, one time for the morons in the audience, Sickle Cell (along with Tay-Sachs) is caused by a genetic mutation, and therefore in *not* transmittable (unless you are the son or daughter of two carriers of the mutation). The Sickle Cell mutation is found among descendants of people from areas with a high incidence of malaria such as West Africa.

Portraying this horrific condition as some sort of potential pandemic, is a pretty good indication of what kind of person you are, ignorant, more than likely racist, and most definitely, profoundly ill-informed . Thus you have all the makings of a great right-wing pundit.

On Mon 14 Feb 2005 you blogged a criticism about the Washington Times report on immigrants and disease. I followed that link, and the vast majority of that story is about communicable disease and immigrants. The content regarding genetic disease was about the cost of the subsequent healthcare to American taxpayers.

By conflating the two issues you granted yourself permission to attack the article based upon your judgment that the writers were uneducated or cognitvely deficient. You created a straw dog as a convenient and emotionally satisfying target, but accomplished nothing beyond impugning your reputation as a critic.

Your readers deserve better than this. Try harder, be honest, no tricks. There are plenty of actual targets for your criticism.
I blogged about this as well, as did David Neiwert at Orcinus and Auguste at the MalkinWatch Blog.

I can't believe the zeal with which the defenders of Michelle Malkin and the Washington Times are pursuing this.

Some things they are missing:

1. Sickle-cell anemia is mentioned in the article. Why not cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease associated with people of European ancestry?

2. Avian flu is a world problem, as is influenza. In 2002 an outbreak of Avian flu in the United States devastated the Virginia poultry industry causing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

3. Experts cited in the Washington Times article point out that Americans traveling abroad returning with disease are a far greater threat to health than immigrants. This being the case, perhaps then instead of immigration we should revisit policy that causes us to send hundreds of thousands of Americans overseas to third-world countries - Iraq, for example.

I've written in depth about this - please stop by -
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