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Monday, December 13, 2004

America's Finest

Besides the Chargers there hasn't been a lot to be proud of in San Diego this year. Our new (old) mayor looks like he was the number 2 vote-getter in the recent election, we are months behind in a financial audit, which caused bond-rating agencies to remove the city from ratings, thereby eliminating our access to capital, and we are looking at a multi-year effort to get our financial house in order as we've underfunded a pension plan that the unions bargained for in lieu of pay hikes.

But there are some bright spots. Perhaps because we regard ourselves as the Telecom Capitol of the World, or maybe just because we're geeks about wireless, networks are popping up all over. There's a fabulous group I hang out with when I have the time that is driving the installation of free wireless networks throughout San Diego, (check out the installation pix, and all the pointers to great wireless deals!). And now the City Libraries all have free wireless connectivity (careful, PDF!).

We'll get it together here in San Diego. If Donna Frye gets cheated out of this election, it just increases her clout in the council for the future. We'll get over the hump on the funding, probably by muddling through. But we're also opening things up for our fellow citizens. There's nothing more powerful than information.

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San Diego Soliloquies