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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Worst Kind of Treason

Once in my checkered past I had an association with the National Security Agency. It was strictly non-classified, but it was before the Agency really was "out" of the black closet. It was hammered into me before, during and after this association that the NSA was really the only thing we do right (though the NRO might dispute that) and protecting the secrets of our communication capabilities was really what all the secrecy was all the about. Signals intelligence (along with reconnaissance) are the only real edge we have in intelligence.

But you know what? That doesn't really matter to some sleazebag (or bags) chickenhawk(s) in this administration. Apparently someone got drunk with their old buddy Chalabi and had to brag about achievements that the sleazebag played no role in. Congratulations sleazebag. I hope the cell next to John Walker is open:

    The F.B.I. has opened an espionage investigation seeking to determine exactly what information Mr. Chalabi turned over to the Iranians as well as who told Mr. Chalabi that the Iranian code had been broken, government officials said. The inquiry, still in an early phase, is focused on a very small number of people who were close to Mr. Chalabi and also had access to the highly restricted information about the Iran code.

Whoever you are, I hope you know you will be caught. And the FBI will make an example of you.

The Puzzle Palace was one fine book. As far as signal intelligence and cryptanalysis goes, the less said the better.
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