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Monday, May 10, 2004

Why It's Not Just Rummy That Must Go

Do you think it's possible that statements like this might have created the climate for Abu Ghraib?:"

    It is because the United States places such emphasis on the Geneva Convention that American officials do not consider Al Qaeda covered by the agreement nor are they willing to award the Taliban detainees POW status.
    President Bush, Fleischer said, had decided that the Geneva Convention of 1949 applies to the conflict with the Taliban in Afghanistan, but not to the conflict with Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan or anywhere else. He also determined that Taliban detainees do not meet the convention's criteria for prisoner of war status.
    "Notwithstanding the isolated pockets of international hyperventilation, we do not treat detainees in any other manner than a manner that is humane," Rumsfeld said.

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