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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This Reminded Me of Something ...

Something has been nagging me as I glimpsed the horrid pictures from Abu Ghraib, where had I seen this before. This morning it finally struck me. Goya, of course. Who else but the man who examined the fly-blown soul of a dying Spain, and recorded the horrors of the resistance to French occupation.

The image of the man standing almost in crucifixion recalls "The 3rd of May 1808 In Madrid", and you can guess who the faceless automatons are. But worst of all are the echoes of Goya's etching, from "Los Desastres" and "Los Caprichios". Look at the way the naked bodies in the photographs call up Esto es peor., and Grande hazaƱa! Con muertos!. The dead body reminding us of Y no hai remedio. Is there anyway that the rest of the world is not building up these pictures in their minds?

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