San Diego Soliloquies

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Beauty in the World

Sometimes you just have to shake yourself free of gloom and look around you, seeking to rinse your eyes and soul with something beautiful.

In the beginning of May the mid-spring warmth here starts the jacarandas blooming. San Diego may rival Pretoria as the Jacaranda City, with whole streets given over to the purple-flowering trees. For example, San Diego streets north of downtown start off named for trees in alphabetic order. Ash Street begins the progression with jacarandas running from Cortez Hill to the bay.

Jacarandas are also profoundly dirty trees. If you park your car beneath one, it may take a big yank to open a door sealed by tree sap. Streets with jacarandas accumulate a dark stain on the sidewalk. But kvetching about the tree's droppings is like complaining about a super-model's shoe bill. The effect is worth the cost.

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San Diego Soliloquies