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Friday, March 05, 2004

Standing Up For Teachers

The Massachusetts teacher of the year will not being going to Washington to accept his award from Rod Paige, Secretary of Education. You see, Jeffrey R. Ryan lost a friend on September 11th, and doesn't really appreciate Rod Paige calling him, other teachers, and their union, terrorists, which Paige did on February 23, 2004.

    ... Ryan said: "Nazi death camps aren't funny. Lynching people isn't funny. Famine isn't funny, and terrorism isn't funny. I just couldn't show up and shake that man's hand after he made those remarks."

Ryan also called the No Child Left Behind Act a ""stealth tactic by the Bush administration to undermine public schools."

Now, just join it up with the fact that both Bush and Paige helped foist the "Texas Miracle" fraud on us and you have a typical Bush trifecta of uncaring, incompetent frauds gnawing away at the foundations of our government and society. May November arrive soon

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