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Friday, December 19, 2003

The Dreaded 'K' Word

The Corner is nonplussed that President Bush would send out a Kwanzaa greeting. I must admit that I was taken aback as well, mostly because I too have Nick Confessore's mental image:

    Just trying to picture President Bush pronouncing "the Nguzo Saba" made me giggle.

Not surprisingly, The Corner's many African American, and Caribbean, readers are far more upset than the Corner Crew:

    It strikes me as a curious form of reverse stereotyping generated by a segment of the African American community that demeans the legitimate cultural heritage of blacks in the United States. Even if that heritage is one that includes slavery.

Ummm..., Ok then.

Well, it certainly was nice that all three of them logged on today to provide such prompt commentary.

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Way Too Much Information

In the second of a two-parter over at National Review Online Jennifer Roback Morse presents us with this:

I was not aware that contracept was a word, much less a verb whose gerund is contracepting. Neither is Merriam-Webster. I would ask her to conjugate it, but she might get the wrong idea.

Jennifer is apparently tenured somewhere, but she has mixed feelings about it:

    ... I was one of those career women who planned to wait until I got tenure and have a baby during the summer. Imagine my surprise when a year went by with no baby.
Though I'm fairly certain that she's not teaching medicine, her credentials are, I guess, one of the reasons why she was paid by National Review to let us in on her marriage's fertility (nil), adoption status (white kid from Romania) and her strange reason for taking in kids from the San Diego County Department of Child Welfare :

    Part of the reason we wanted to become foster parents is that we admired our Catholic friends with large families. We were long past the age when we could have the size family they have.

As the oldest son of one of those Catholic families, let me tell you that I wouldn't choose to grow up any other way, but I wouldn't want to grow up with a Mom who desperately wanted to be just like us.

So you might think this is one of those anti-feminist, I burned my separate checking account the same day I got the extra shaping Maindenform bra, now I'm a real woman articles from National Review right? Well, you'd be wrong sucker:

    The question isn't whether the law can create life-giving, self-giving love, because of course, it can't. The question is whether it will point us in the right direction. Redefining marriage to include homosexual unions will actively lead us astray.

That's right. She realized that gays getting married is just as evil as maintaining two separate checking accounts.

Yet another reason to be careful driving on San Diego freeways.

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Life-Changing Technology Ahead

The FCC has announced its intention to open up spectrum around 5.9 GHz to be dedicated to intelligent transportation systems. So, in 5-10 years your car radio will start to receive real-time traffic reports from sensors buried in the pavement, rather than old reports from Metro Traffic.

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Wisdom from the Kos Man

Kos is invited to a debate, and declines:

I guess Kos is a Dean man, and I'm all for Clark. But I whole heartedly agree with Kos about his new policy

    It is clear that our nominee will be either Dean or Clark. No one else has a shot. Therefore, I will not criticize or point to criticism of either of those two candidates. Each one of those guys has his plusses and his cons, and each one of them can beat Bush. That's all that matters.

The right is already trying out the arguments against Dean and Clark. They have the months ahead to recite them over talk radio, trying to make them stick.

    We are all on the same team, and the time to "merge the tribes" is just a month or two away. We need to start coming together for the sake of the party and our country.


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The Right's View of the Left Side of the Blanket

The deliciousness of the news that Strom Thurmond had a child with a black housekeeper is obviously tempered by the fact that the situation constituted the closest thing to rape that doesn't involve a weapon.

Meanwhile, the gang at National Review, specifically Rick Brookhiser, reminds us to be careful:

Rick, boobahla, darling, let me break it to you slowly. While it may be true that your social circle includes the odd rapist, drug addict, or racist, I can assure you neither I nor my friends count illegitimate children fathered on household help among our iniquities.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Why Still So MADD?

MADD started off trying to raise awareness about drunk-driving; too many people were being killed by drunks who had already been arrested many times. With awareness raised, with laws in place lowering blood alcohol levels, with businesses supporting designated drivers, and alcohol manufacturers reminding us to drink responsibly. So, this pretty much says "Job well done, time to move on.", doesn't it?

Nope. I just got their latest fundraising plea. Not going to be giving them anything, but I did find out how you too can start a non-profit, from "... one of the most widely supported and well-liked non-profit organizations in America".

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Eat Your Dog Food

As I might have mentioned before, I am unemployed. In the 10 months since walking away from the smoking crater left by my former company, I've sent out the usual hundreds of resumes, been on very few interviews, networked like crazy, expanded my skill set, shown flexibility, etc. Lat week the unemployment benefits ended, but through a combination of savings, family and a loving wife, we're doing ok. All in all my experience has been just about the best of everyone I know that's out of work. Lots of people are scratching away, working very hard to find work.

Such insight adds a piquant savor upon reading Bruce Bartlett's Townhall Column, in which he states:

    Thus, ironically, elimination of extended unemployment benefits will almost certainly reduce the unemployment rate.

Ummm... How's that again?

    ...the effect of extending benefits beyond 26 weeks simply extends the date when they have to take a job. One estimate concluded that for each week benefits are extended, the average duration of unemployment increases by about a day.

You know you are reading a conservative when you get that hand-waving "One estimate" crap. Okay Bruce, show your work. What economist or group of economist, publishing in what peer-reviewed journal came anywhere near stating that decreases in the length of unemployment benefits correlates with (much less causes) an increase in employment

As I've mentioned before, hard-core conservatism isn't real conducive to data gathering and analysis.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003


Saddam Hussein joins the Ex-Dictator Mug Shot Collection.

This is a triumph for the hard dedicated work of our military and intelligence folks. I can't imagine a group of Americans who deserve a heart-felt congratulations more.

Let's hope that this stabilizes Iraq enough to make progress at bringing the country into democracy.

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