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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Back to Back as the Legions Close In

To quote the inimitable Billmon, "I am Atrios!"

Seriously, someone who who advertises his obsession with Paul Krugman around the net, yet keeps fumbling the ball, really shouldn't be throwing stones through his lawyer. Especially since Luskin is on record as saying Luskin stalks Krugman.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Damn Lucky

The winds died yesterday and the Cedar fire moved east. Compare this map, taken 10/27/03 at 0700 MDT to this one 24 hours later. (Look at the center bottom edge for San Diego. California's kind of big, isn't it?)

My brother and his family are safe and apparently both their houses (they were moving to a new one) were spared. And spared is pretty much the only word to describe it. Reading this list of houses known to be destroyed shows that every street surrounding them lost houses, some lost every house on the street. Of course the first thing they did on moving in was to rip off the wood shakes and install fireproof roofing. No matter where you live, if you have a wood shake roof, tear it off as soon as you can. Firemen here call those houses that still have wood shakes, "candles".

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Monday, October 27, 2003

Made It Through the Night

No evacuation last night. Here's a map of our area.

The NW corner of the map is the SE corner of TierraSanta. It's been completely evacuated. The star is set to the intersection of Mission Gorge and Jackson. Everything from that corner along Jackson Drive and east has been evacuated. Also, the strip along Mission Gorge Rd from Princess View east to Jackson has been evacuated. We live west of Princess View behind Allied Gardens Park. One thing this map does not show is the topography which is rather rough here.

We watched the fire last night try to work its way down the San Diego River canyon. We saw some flames pop up last night, but as of this morning the fire has not made the curve past the Mission Vista development.

So we're ok for right now, and should be in the future. Just in case you care, we live in a development with very little of the urban/wildlife interface that so worries many of the folks who think SoCal deserves all this. There are thousands of people who are in a world of hurt here in SD, in San Bernadino and throughout the West. If you have a few bucks to spare, the Red Cross sure could use it.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Updates from One Canyon from the Fire

We have gone around the house, collected important papers in boxes, removing precious pictures, and getting the pets ready. Two duffel bags sit by the door.

We expect the call, if it comes, between midnight and 3 am. We'll be dumping the stuff that can survive getting wet into the pool just before we bug out. Our geography will give us a lot more time than my brother had. The good news: I think I saw my brother's house at the side of a TV news picture of desolation, sitting there with that sturdy tile roof. I hope that's what I saw. I hope it survives the night.

By the way I'm still pissed that city, state and federal cutbacks took away our firefighting helicopter. Spending more than $60 million in funds that could be sitting in emergency funds for a recall election sure seems like a good idea too.

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Greetings from Apocalypse Land

The sky is a mud mustard yellow, and the light is brown orange. The ashes lie two inches high on the windshield wipers. There are five major fires in San Diego, hundreds of homes are burning and the Santa Ana winds are predicted to last three more days.

One fire started in Ramona thirty miles north, and now one edge of the fire is about five miles away, and has probably destroyed my brother's home in Scripps Ranch. I've been tracking the news reports and mapping what's definitely gone in his neighborhood. Try to imagine scooping up your entire life in an hour, and transport it, along with your family to someplace safe, maybe miles away.

Given the fact that the fire is dropping embers miles away from the front, my wife and I have made up the lists, against the possibility that we will have to evacuate too.

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