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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Well, Someone's Gotta Say It

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a bone to pick with the truth in today's Corner:

Cahill's full quote is this:

    ...the Republican Party in its current incarnation is racist (racism being the clear premise of its "Southern strategy," pursued so singlemindedly since the days of the ineffable Richard Nixon) and the enemy of the poor. To be these things -- to be against the poor and the marginalized -- is, in my reading of the New Testament, to be specifically anti-Christian. My reasoning is elaborated on this website in the address "Jews, Christians, and God's Word: A Common Heritage of Prayer and Action," an abbreviated version of which appeared in Sojourners magazine.

Thomas Cahill wrote my favorite book on early Christianity, The Desire of the Everlasting Hills, and his research clearly informs his opinions on modern American politics. This book would make a wonderful present for any thoughtful person on your gift list.

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