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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

One Shopping Day Left to Stunt Your Child's Mental Capacity

Through the good offices of Theresa Nielsen over at Making Light I learned that the National Review has a book service that features such find books as:

    “I know the Bible is true, but where do the ice ages fit in? And what about "ape men" and "cave men"’?"” Here are the answers in two attractive volumes designed for children ages 8 to 12. They make a wonderful aid when it’s time to teach your children about creation and science.

So I meandered over at looked up their other science selections.

Lessee. Since all of this is under homeschooling, I guess this makes the parents responsible for making sure the kids get the most out of them. There are four sets of books which purport to refute evolution, thus guaranteeing the child a career that can not include biology, or any sane application of the scientific method. There's also a set that covers weather and the bible and science and the bible.

Then there's The Astronomy Book, whose blurb burbles:

    With The Astronomy Book, you’ll be able to soar through the solar system with your junior high schoolers secure in the knowledge that no trace of evolution theory mars its pages. Indeed, this sumptuously-illustrated and meticulously-researched book is frankly and refreshingly Christian throughout, beginning with its identification of astronomy as “one of the most beautiful sciences because it shows us the glory of God in His creation.”

One wonders about the author's grasp of cosmology, given his need to reassure possible purchasers that no description of biological processes makes it into his astronomy book.

So what career path is left after years of homeschooling in lies, superstition, and ignorance? Well, given how many homeschooled are doing it, conservative punditry seems to be the only option.

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