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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The Insanity that is SDB

Steven Den Beste got some email from a concerned Iranian:

    Though I often disagree with you, I enjoy your posts—they are thoughtful and provocative. But, sitting in my apartment in Tehran, I can’t help but oscillate between despondency and amusement these days. Do you not see what’s happening to you folks out in the yonder lands? Debating “final solution” are we? Mass murder in a cool, collected way? Killing over a billion, or is it perhaps just a few hundred million? Nuking a city or two, or is it only just the vicinity of a large metropolitan area? Issuing ultimatums to the world to take sides between mass murderers in ties or those with rags on their heads? Even here where passions run high and surrounded as we are by a bunch of religious bigots, I don’t hear discussions framed quite that way.
    How long before your self definition and your idealized notion of yourself as a decent citizen of the America the Good will have become contradictory to the reality of the actions you promote or support? At what point does the reality—the price in blood, bones and flesh, and yes principles—will have been too much for you personally?

To which the only rational respnse is naturally(after a whole lot of verbiage) to say:

    You can clean out the vermin in your own house, or you can have us clean out the vermin for you, or you can refuse to clean it and prevent us from doing so, in that case you will watch while we blow your house up in order to destroy the vermin, the extremist Islamic militants who started this war and who want to continue fighting it. Those are your only choices. But you better not plan on us giving up and letting your militants win, by letting them slaughter us when and where they want. We will not stand idly by while they plan attacks against us to slaughter us. As long as we face that threat, we will continue to fight.

Then follow it with more verbiage.

Yo, Steven, your last name is Den Beste, not Seagal and not even the reincarnated treasure revealer Chungdrag Dorje is stupid enough to blame September 11th on Iran. Exactly how many Iranians, or hell, even Shiites were on those planes? To paraphrase the imitable Lileks, "The war on terrorism needs adults. So go away and play with the kids, and stop making so much noise".

You could go find a new friend, even. Meanwhile the SpecOps wannabes pollute the comments threads of people who wonder whether SDB even has screws to loosen.

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