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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Glenn Reynolds Pushes for Ethnic Cleansing

Apparently things are slow enough in Knoxville that Professor Instapundit has time to vent:

    THE UNITED STATES SHOULD NOT TRY to play a "neutral arbiter" in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. We should, in fact, be doing our best to make the Palestinians suffer, because, to put it bluntly, they are our enemies. Just read this post and follow the links to see how they feel about America.

We should make them suffer how, Glenn?

    These folks are our enemies, and deserve to be treated as such. They don't deserve a state of their own. It's not clear that they even deserve to keep what they've got.

So what does that mean? The Palestinian authority should be disbanded? The West Bank and Gaza strip are then administered by whom? Or are you proposing that the folks in these areas (especially those in areas referred to by some as Judea and Samaria) be, umm, relocated? To create some Lebensraum perhaps?

Congratulations Glenn. You are have now allowed your free-floating anxiety of the post September 11th world to push you over the edge into gibbering paranoia. Though you are in familiar company (Lileks, Little Green Footballs, Den Beste, etc), it ain't a very nice neigborhood. And, god willing, when the United States gets some adults back in charge in 2004, the neighborhood will no longer be anywhere near the confluence of power and opinion it is now. Not a good career path for a professor of law.

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