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Monday, December 01, 2003

Following Up on Thanksgiving ...

I got mail from E-activists, the group that was raising money for Thanksgiving dinners for striking grocery workers here in Southern California. Over $130,000 dollars was raised. Also in the good news category, talks between both sides will resume on Tuesday 12/2 with a federal mediator.

The neighborhood I live in was built to house people as they struggled into the middle class, raised their families, educated their kids and eased into well-deserved retirement. (Though they do sometimes drive too damn slow ahead of me.) The jobs and pay these workers are striking over used to provide that kind of life for people. Not anymore. Is it moral to making our shopping decisions solely on the basis of low price? Is it moral to stand by while neighbors, friends and acquaintances lose the health care they've given up salary increases to hold onto? Are grocery workers the only ones with "skin in the game"?

I have my own answers to these questions, which you can probably already guess. It's up to each person to make up their own minds about issues like these. May I also submit that the answers to these questions will change our society far more quickly and radically than whether it's two guys or two girls on top of a wedding cake?

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