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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Farm fields or Petri Dishes?

Nathan Newman is exercised about an Eighth Circuit ruling that says the Labor Dept cannot require agribusinesses to provide toilet and washing facilities with 1/4 mile of where farm laborers were working in all cases. Nathan is rightly angry about the lack of decency for workers and wonders where the media and liberal attention is.

Well, here's the hook for the media: Lack of toilet facilities in fields can kill you, the consumer. At least three people are dead in PA, and over 900 sick in four states in a Hepatitis A that's being traced down to Baja California growers. You see, since Mexico is way ahead of us, almost every adult of a certain age has had Hep A, and thus carries the virus around. In order to protect their consumers, and their livelihood, Mexican growers have strict policies about toilet and washing facilities, going so far as to monitor everyone who uses the bathroom to make sure they wash their hands.. But since like I say, Mexico is way ahead of us, the water supply can't even be trusted, so now the water used to wash the vegetables, and the ice used to preserve them is suspect.

Too bad Mexico doesn't have a Clean Water Act.

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