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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Eat Your Dog Food

As I might have mentioned before, I am unemployed. In the 10 months since walking away from the smoking crater left by my former company, I've sent out the usual hundreds of resumes, been on very few interviews, networked like crazy, expanded my skill set, shown flexibility, etc. Lat week the unemployment benefits ended, but through a combination of savings, family and a loving wife, we're doing ok. All in all my experience has been just about the best of everyone I know that's out of work. Lots of people are scratching away, working very hard to find work.

Such insight adds a piquant savor upon reading Bruce Bartlett's Townhall Column, in which he states:

    Thus, ironically, elimination of extended unemployment benefits will almost certainly reduce the unemployment rate.

Ummm... How's that again?

    ...the effect of extending benefits beyond 26 weeks simply extends the date when they have to take a job. One estimate concluded that for each week benefits are extended, the average duration of unemployment increases by about a day.

You know you are reading a conservative when you get that hand-waving "One estimate" crap. Okay Bruce, show your work. What economist or group of economist, publishing in what peer-reviewed journal came anywhere near stating that decreases in the length of unemployment benefits correlates with (much less causes) an increase in employment

As I've mentioned before, hard-core conservatism isn't real conducive to data gathering and analysis.

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