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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Building Up the Karma

Someone reallyknows how to help: (from the same Diane Bell column as below)

    An anonymous donor is giving $500 checks to wildfire victims who lost their homes in the San Diego backcountry....
    The $500 comes with no strings attached for renters and uninsured owners who lost their primary residences in the fire. It's designed to bridge the gap until government aid comes through.
    Every day this week, volunteer Carlos LeGerrette has stood at the Ramona assistance center at Sixth and D streets, while his wife, Linda, has joined volunteers outside the Alpine office at 1347 Tavern Road. They give out application forms and invite applicants to return the next day to pick up a $500 check.
    ..."People are walking around in shock – not one person who filled out the application knew what the date was," says Linda, who finds their gratitude overwhelming.
    "Their eyes well up; many cry and grab and hug you. They can't believe anyone is being so generous. It's a very humbling experience. It's very healing."

As of yesterday more than $365,000 had been given out.

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