San Diego Soliloquies

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Updates from One Canyon from the Fire

We have gone around the house, collected important papers in boxes, removing precious pictures, and getting the pets ready. Two duffel bags sit by the door.

We expect the call, if it comes, between midnight and 3 am. We'll be dumping the stuff that can survive getting wet into the pool just before we bug out. Our geography will give us a lot more time than my brother had. The good news: I think I saw my brother's house at the side of a TV news picture of desolation, sitting there with that sturdy tile roof. I hope that's what I saw. I hope it survives the night.

By the way I'm still pissed that city, state and federal cutbacks took away our firefighting helicopter. Spending more than $60 million in funds that could be sitting in emergency funds for a recall election sure seems like a good idea too.

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San Diego Soliloquies