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Monday, October 20, 2003

Something the FCC Did Right

So Michael Powell may or may not be leaving the FCC, but at least something good has happened. The FCC has opened up more spectrum in the millimeter wave band for broadband data use.

While this is too late for some companies, this is fabulous news for Trex Enterprises a local company whose wholly owned subsidiary, Loea Communications, submitted the petition to open up the frequencies on September 10, 2001. (Hell of a time, huh?)

If you would like to know more than any carbon-based life form should know about current (60Ghz) millimeter wave technology, and why this new decision is such a big deal, take a look at this Powerpoint presentation I put together a while back. This truly is great news. Within a few years we'll be able to beam multi-gigabit datastreams between locations (such as sporting events, temporary stages, or new construction) and avoid having to lay fiber. This will open up huge opportunities for companies to compete against entrenched telecomm suppliers. This may actually live up to all the hype that floated around in the late 90's.

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