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Thursday, October 02, 2003

The Many Aegean Stablehands

So, over at The Corner, it's beginning to look like a Mack Sennett short, with a group of sharp-elbowed bumblers tripping over each other as they move brimming pots and pans under the latest leak. Here's Rich Lowry, who is unaccustomed to such heavy lifting, explaining why Donovan McNabb sucks while sucking up to his boss, and brandishing that now well-worn conservative defense, "The Black Guy did it too!" echoing that Great Thinker, K. Lo. And for Rush, Kathryn Jean Lopez also gushes forth the full force of love, empathy and support she usually reserves only for fetuses and really cute priests.

But a controversy is just not a kerfuffle without Jonah Goldberg weighing in. The best line is of course from Jonah(and of course it's inadvertent humor):

    Inviting Rush Limbaugh to do color commentary and analysis and then being shocked, shocked when he says something controversial is outrageously stupid on ESPN's part. Why not hire Jerry Falwell and then fire him the first time he mentions the Bible?

It is so noted that Jonah thinks conservative commentators cannot be trusted to stay within the bounds of normal discourse, no matter how inappropriate the occasion. Or is he saying they're nothing without their schtick?

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