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Friday, October 24, 2003

From the Mouths of (ahem) Babes

The prototypical lonely nerd answers an assertion from a Canadian correspondent that Canada performs a valuable service by helping with Afghanistan with this remarkable statement:

    We don't have any major strategic interest in long term rebuilding in Afghanistan. We don't have any interest in preventing it, either; in terms of pure strategic evaluation, it's pretty much neutral. So we're helping with troops and with money, but not really very much.

Now, you have to realize that Steven is deeply stupid about a lot of things. Beyond his pathetic insights into the Kobe Bryant case, his elucidation of the strategic view of the cause of the war, the reason that the United States became involved in it, is deeply funny in the same way that you stifle a guffaw while trying to help a mentally disabled person with a faux pas. And this is one of those occasions. Telling the truth so baldly is like pointing out the dog making poopoo outside during the parents' dinner party.

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