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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

CA Republicans' Favorite Color? Brown

Never one to abandon a winning strategy, California Republicans have been casting about for some way to inject race into the recall. The usual tactic, stirring up fears of how brown or black folk will rise up against whitey didn't get much traction. So now the attention swings over to how awful Native Americans are for pandering to our weaknesses. You might remember how Rich Lowry of the National Review did research for this column:

Try substituting Jews, or maybe Black Real-Estate Investors who got sweetheart deals from political friends and how does it sound? Racist much? Needless to say Arnold got traction, and the endorsement of the California Republican Party by running ads featuring him saying that "He couldn't be bought"

One successful Californian Republican politician, Pete Wilson, rode "Fear of the Brown" to two terms as governor. But in recent years the party hasn't been able to elect anyone to statewide office. I think this current gambit will have a brief run, until Californians remember that we've suffered more from lily-white Texan and Carolinian energy traders than all the imagined excesses existing in the pea-sized minds of the racist fringe of the Republican party.

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