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Monday, October 06, 2003

Again, Not So Good With the Data

Both Atrios and Tbogg have weighed in about this article in the National Review, in which Jennifer Graham describes how unusual it was to see black folk where The Grahams eat with their admittedly poorly behaved children:
    What I saw: A young family of five — father, mother, three young children, well-dressed, well-behaved, enjoying their night out, too. Except for the well-behaved children — mythical creatures with which we have no personal experience with — the family was unremarkable.
    But they were black. And my husband whispered that in a nation where 70 percent of black children are born into homes without fathers, it was great to see a picture-perfect black family dining together. "I almost want to go give the guy a high five," he said, somewhat sheepishly.

And what would make Mr. Jennifer Graham want desperately to convey manly exuberance to the fellow paterfamilias? Why, that black man actually stayed with his family!

If Mr. Jennifer Graham wanted to convey exuberance to a man retaining his family responsibilities, he would be far better served seeking out a pasty white guy, for among single parent households, black men are 25% more likely to be single parents than white guys(see table C3 and C2 at this link). Which means that the rate of female head of households is far greater in the white community. Though the absolute number of black single parent households is twice that of what whites, that's been a historical constant as Both black and white rates of single parenthood have skyrocketed (though the black rate has moderated as those eager beaver white folks' rate tapped 124% between 1960 and 1990). So in recent years, the white folk been catchin' up.

Also, according to the Census bureau, there are 14,332,000 white kids living in non-two-parent families (Table C3 again). There are only 11,646,000 black kids in the entrie United States of America. If this single parenthood is truly a problem for American society, we white brothers should have a sit down wit dem dat can't keep it zipped, before we go mouthin off to a man looking to feed his family a fancy dinner.

Good thing that officious prig didn't disturb that poor man and his family. Tell me, is there anyone at the National Review aquainted with fundamental data analysis? Because I'm looking for a job, and teaching learning disabled rich folk simple arithmetic is as good a gig as I can think of. Steady work, and I'll have the afternoons off as they tire so easily.

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