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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Again, the Free-Floating Middle-Aged Paranoia

So LILEKS (James) has a new standard for military effectiveness:

    So let?’s make this the new standard for national defense: any change in the way the Pentagon does business should take no longer than the time it took to build the Pentagon itself.

Spoken by someone who obviously has spent no time in the Pentagon at all. Any building that has to provide guides to go from one office to another, to say nothing of the internal transit system, obviously needed a little more time in the design and plan stage. (Also, ask any denizen about the quality of the concrete work)

Instapundit points to this column as too good to excerpt. I think, like me, he just can't figure out what the heck James is trying to say. Though he does have one point to make:

    ...hell, the administration could put Osama’s head on a stick in the Rose Garden, and Daschle would call it an admission of failure that they hadn’t located the torso. I will never trust these people with national security again. Never, never, never. We’re in the fight of our lives, and all they can do is carp and bitch and piss and moan, because - as was the case with many conservatives in the Bosnian conflict - it’s not their war.

Thanks James. You might want to check on Gnat. Maybe give her a hug. And go get some therapy for those ever-increasing anxiety attacks. Oh, and you might want to listen a little more carefully to what they are saying.

Wars, like your sainted WWII, are won by the strongest coalitions. Revolutionary War? Think France. The South's only hope in the Civil War was getting the English and French on their side. W's father's bright shining moment was the coaltion he built in the Gulf War. W's accomplishment has been to piss all that away, despite the incredible outpouring of support after 9/11. That's what we're mad about James. Pretty much the only way to lose the war on terrorism is to tear apart the network of international cooperation necessary to track these people's movements. That cooperation means listening to your partners. Keeping France on board is a hell of a lot more valuable to us in the war on terrorism than kissing up to Uzbekistan

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