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Thursday, September 18, 2003

They've Got Drugs For This ...

I dunno, do you think this latest from Lileks is an artifact of the free-floating anxiety any older man might feel having finally brought a daughter into a scary world? Or is it the onset of crippling paranoia? Being a charitable liberal type I'd just caution him about his caffeine intake. Especially when you poduce "grafs" (we insiders don't need no full words) like this:

    In short: the same people who chide America for its short-attention span think we should have stopped military operations after the Taliban was routed. (And they quite probably opposed that, for the usual reasons.) The people who think it’s all about oil like to snark that we should go after Saudi Arabia. The people who complain that the current administration is unable to act with nuance and diplomacy cannot admit that we have completely different approaches for Iraq, for Iran, for North Korea. The same people who insist we need the UN deride the Administration when it gives the UN a chance to do something other than throw rotten fruit.

I do like the line about the UN's "extra-strong Frown Beams" though. Of course this is mixed into a paragraph where he slams Iraq for giving money to Palestinian terrorists, unlike the good guys in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who, oh never mind.

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