San Diego Soliloquies

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Somewhere George Santayana Breathes a Bemused, Sad Sigh

Like so Many of a certain age, I can readily recall Friday night news shows in the late 60s, where Cronkite, or Huntley, or Brinkley would be reading, and behind his head would be two flags, and below them two numbers. The flags were US and North Vietnam, and the numbers were the body counts. Until now, I hadn't really seen the parallels to the "Best and the Brightest" mentality that was our biggest weakness in Vietnam.

Any serious thinker about Vietnam will tell you that the most powerful nation in the history of the world was defeated by its own arrogant mindset, one that used statistics to mask the truth. Once the veil was stripped away by the Tet Offensive (a battle we won by the way), the political will didn't exist to come up with a new way to address the war, so we gave up. We don't need another crop of dumbf**ks to do it to us again. Lay off the graphs guys. Oh yeah, heh. Indeed.

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San Diego Soliloquies