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Monday, August 25, 2003

Reading Poops Little Richie out

We've talked about Rich Lowry's propensity for being too lazy to support his preformed opinions. But now Rich is too lazy to find a Thomas Friedman column that remotely supports Rich's point. He says the latest is "Very good.. (except last couple of paragraphs)". Here are those last paragraphs:

    So, the terrorists get it. Iraqi liberals get it. The Bush team talks as if it gets it, but it doesn't act like it. The Bush team tells us, rightly, that this nation-building project is the equivalent of Germany in 1945, and yet, so far, it has approached the postwar in Iraq as if it's Grenada in 1982.
    We may fail, but not because we have attracted terrorists who understand what's at stake in Iraq. We may fail because of the utter incompetence with which the Pentagon leadership has handled the postwar. (We don't even have enough translators there, let alone M.P.'s, and the media network we've set up there to talk to Iraqis is so bad we'd be better off buying ads on Al Jazeera.) We may fail because the Bush team thinks it can fight The Big One in the Middle East — while cutting taxes at home, shrinking the U.S. Army, changing the tax code to encourage Americans to buy gas-guzzling cars that make us more dependent on Mideast oil and by gratuitously alienating allies.
    We may fail because to win The Big One, we need an American public, and allies, ready to pay any price and bear any burden, but we have a president unable or unwilling to summon either.

We have a President who has neversummoned the will, talent or ability to accoplish anything in his life, and we are paying the price of allowing the selection of a glad-handing fool. Thanks for the pointer Rich. You're just like him, too lazy to put in any real effort and too venal to quit a job you're completely unqualified for. You make a great pair.

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