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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Professor's Newest Cause

Glenn Reynolds points out (and has quite a few times) that the cell networks did not cover themselves in glory during the blackout. Cell phone companies responded (whined actually) that:

I personally am not impressed. My background is both on the operations side (both landline anc cellular) and the equipment side. When I was in LMOS, or the NOC for AirTouch, I beat up my suppliers for NEBS (Network Equipment Building Standards ) compliance, network manageability and survival under adverse conditions, such as power interruption. I had to because my customers (and more importantly my management) would not accept network interruption. As a supplier my equipment had to meet or surpass these standards. But then I am (and they were) Bell-heads, meaning that we grew up and were trained to maintain the finest telecommunication network in the world.

When Divestiture came, there were only a relative handful of people who knew how to run a telecomm network. Now we have far more networks, but no more people than before. We do have quite a few companies that may have done this once, but now substitute marketing for ability. Of course there are always people who will make excuses for them too.

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