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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

On Encountering a Post Written in Martian

I try to expose myself to a lot of different viewpoints, philosophies, languages and artistic perspectives. I believe that the human expereince is far richer than one can encounter without reaching out to new new sources of information and experience. But sometimes you run into something so alien that warning lights go off. Either this person is nuts, or I just don't understand what they are saying. Nick Schulz, editor of and a bunch of other things, is among many of the guests invited to blither on at The Corner. Today he is blessing us with a little tidbit that includes: an overdue library book, he has no idea what libraries are used for, and should he donate some books to libraries to get rid of them. Huh? Back up to that second one again:

A man who cannot understand why people would be "defensive" about libraries and public schools might make an intriguing dinner guest, but I would count the silverware and inventory any portable valuables in the house before I let him leave.

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