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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Just a Standard Stop

Coming out of the gym yesterday afternoon I found that the San Diego PD had stopped a tall, thirtyish, well-built man in scruffy clothes driving an Audi TT roadster. The officer was sitting in his car, while the man fetched papers out of the Audi, then presented them to the officer sitting in his car. As the man did so, a second police cruiser rolled up. The second officer got out of his car, slowly assesed the situation, then spoke to the man and the first officer. Finally geting their approval, the man got back in his car, rolled the ten feet down the road to the driveway for the gym and pulled in to park and begin his workout. That explained his scruffy clothes.

As the tall well-built black man rolled by my wife and me, he saw that we had been watching him calmly talk with both officers. I couldn't read his expression. I don't know why it took two SDPD patrol cars to deal with a single black man driving an expensive sports car. I would like to know how often this happens. I might be able to find that out now. If Proposition 54 passes we can all assume that a pattern of such random stops does not, and will never exist, right?

To all you Californians reading this, and anyone who knows a Californian, get out the vote for this recall. There are more important things at stake than who gets to take the blame for the next few years' budget crises.

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San Diego Soliloquies