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Monday, August 25, 2003

Combine 802.11 and UUCP with a Bus

And you get one of the networks set up by Daknet in India. Here's a quick description:

    The pilot solution enabled villagers to file complaints via email and send video messages from one village to another. The solution combines WiFi (IEEE 802.11b) equipment at 2.4Ghz with Mobile Access Points (MAPs) mounted on and powered by a public bus. The pilot proved able to wirelessly and automatically collect, transport and deliver data at high speeds to and from kiosk-based computers enabled with WiFi cards.

Everything you would need already exists in UUCP, IP and 802.11. A bus could easily power a PC capable of transferring gigabytes of data (just use a laptop in a shock resistant enclosure) while waiting to load passengers and cargo. This is an awesome idea.

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