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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Again, People Get Paid for This?

Over at the Corner, Rich Lowry would like you to send in something, you know, like evidence, to help with the conclusion he's already drawn.

    I’d like to write something Monday on how the unions have helped bankrupt California through pensions, worker comp abuses, etc. If you have ideas on how to jump-start me with info/contacts, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Call me old-fashioned, hell, call me conservative, but if I were paid to publish analysis I would start with something a little stronger than "Unions are all poo butts, so they caused the problem in California". But then again I'm not a conservative where yet another book proving Clinton (take your pick) sold his/her soul to the devil, and is the devil, guarantees laudatory remarks, sales and TV gigs. A working definition of conservative commentator these days is someone with a case of paranoid schizophrenia that might respond to a regimen of drugs were it not for the negative effect on the sufferer's punditry (and cash flow).

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San Diego Soliloquies