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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

We Hate the French (because we are profoundly ignorant)

One would have to be deaf and dumb to have missed all the silly season anti-french stuff recently. From freedom fries to pouring expensive Burgundy and Entre Deux Meres into the gutter, the yahoos have been in their full-throated glory. So when a Frenchman (fer gawdsakes) points out that the Murcan flag ain't flyin over the land we fought and died for, well ah'll tell yoo whuut.

Not a single damn one of these people, including the National Review types (one of the English!) who linked, looked at a damn map. Do the names Sword, Juno, and Gold mean anything? They are the names of the beaches that the Canadians and British stormed on D-Day. The American flag isn't flying at this particular memorial because it comemorates the liberation of Bayeux by British troops!

But I really had to chuckle at this guy. The flagpole in question only flies a flag one day a year, in memory of the Sherwood Ranger who liberated the town. The Watcher of Weasels says:

    The Sherwood Rangers certainly deserve to have their own memorial there... but why not have the Sherwood Rangers' flag on display year round instead of leaving the pole empty, if for no other other reason than to avoid confusion? There might not be an American flag on display at that particular memorial, and the plaque beneath the empty flagpole might not say this explicitly... but it should be noted that the Sherwood Rangers were a British tank unit solely equipped with American-made Sherman tanks during the liberation of Bayeux. The plaque at their memorial even has a picture of a Sherman tank on it.



Rachel Lucas, " a 31-year-old gun-totin' capitalist oppressor college student with two jobs, two dogs, and no kids.", apologizes, sort of. You see, it's really the frenchies fault you see. See they made us sooooo mad with their hoity toity ways thinking they're all French and everthi....

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