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Friday, July 18, 2003

Talking Past the Point

Steven Den Beste has produced either the most mendacious or the stupidest comment about the Administration's intelligence meltdown I have read so far. And that includes daily perusal of The Corner. Surprisingly enough it boils down to this opening sentence:

    You know, it's odd that no one is accusing Bush of lying about how brutal and vicious Saddam was.

There is no one I know or am aware of that thinks or has ever though that Saddam was a nice guy (with the possible expection of Donald Rumsfeld). Saddam Hussein needed to go. What the Bush administration did was get rid of him in the worst possible way. By doing it the way they did, lying about WMD's, eviscerating the UN, alienating staunch allies, they stuck us in a cesspool, one that gets good kids killed just about every day.

Steven, it's always been apparent how brutal and viciuos Saddam is. It's just now that some people are catching on how dangerous the Bushies are.

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