San Diego Soliloquies

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Some Light on the Horizon

I had lunch yesterday with someone who has been plugged into Democratic politics for a long time, serving on various boards and such. He is the type of person people call for calm and considered opinions. I was flattered that he asked my opinions on where things are in technology, then we both shyly admitted something. We're hopeful.

Now the standard spin is that we shouldn't be. Bush is still riding high and many of our fellow citizens seem to think that Iraq had something to do with September 11th. But we're hopeful. Cracks are starting to develop in the facade of White House omnipotence, many of the Democratic contenders for president look feasible (and we both agreed that nothing is more important than taking the White House away from Bush), and there may be the slightest stirrings of renewal in high-tech. Maybe it was the food, maybe the company. It just felt good to get back to work and get stuff done.

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San Diego Soliloquies