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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I Bet He's Cute When He Pouts

Sorry about this, but I find self-important pundits who've managed to hack and claw their way into positions more or less ceded to them by family ties fascinating. Jonah Goldberg is whining that he almost had to go an a radio program with Michelangelo Signorile. Oh my god. You know it almost could have gotten into an argument about two conflicting ideas, a forum that allowed listeners to participate and perhaps weigh the merits of each position. No wonder the representative of conservatism backed out immediately.

The best part though is Jonah whining that Jim Romanesko, proprietor of PoynterOnline is a partisan hack because Romanesko "ever sees fit to print my name when I write serious pieces about the media in places like the Wall Street Journal " (and places like and the Washington Times, etc.). Roll that one around on your tongue. Someone proudly using their being published on the editiorial pages of the WSJ to bash someone else as a "partisan hack". I can't tell anymore. Is that ironic?

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San Diego Soliloquies