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Monday, July 21, 2003

Here's Something Nice

Ok, age or something is catching up to friends and loved ones, and not inhabiting the Iberian peninsula and hjaving been habituated to red wine, there is suffering after an afternoon of red wine Sangria. Here's an alternative to while away the long dog days of summer, properly chilled, with exquisite reading material to hand

White Wine Sangria

Yields ~2 gallons, to store and serve use an Aqua Fresca container, a large ribbed glass jar with a glass lid.

    5 liters of Box white wine (or 6 quarts cheap white wine)
    750 ml of inexpensive brandy
    500 ml of ginger ale
    4 small juice oranges (e.g. valencia)
    2 lemons
    4 limes
    2 nectarines
    2 pears

Slice fruit into container. Pour wine into container, then brandy. Stir making sure all the fruit is covered. Add the ginger ale and stir slowly. Top off with ginger ale.

Serve in a tall glass over ice. Excellent with Barbecued foods, or simple strong cheese and bread.

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