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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Doing Her Famous Max Amman Imitation

The newest eager summer camper over at the Corner is Charles Murray, described by the perky (and at least mentally) lightweight Kathryn Jean Lopez as "Obviously...a sagacious heavyweight". That and a racist whose main claim to fame is a perniscious attempt to coninue stigmatizing blacks and latinos as being irredeemable.

As someone whose heritage used to be the measure of ineptitude, sloth and dependency, this attitude is the one thing that has kept and always will keep me away from conservatism; the idea that our cultural, social and (sometimes) institutional barriers to minority achievement don't currently exist, and apparently haven't existed since the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation. Murray and Herrnstein provided gobbledy-gook justification for this; may the survivor of the two live long enough to repent this.

BTW, don't just take my word for the awfulness of Bell Curve. Let Thomas Sowell explain it all for you. Sowell would no doubt count me as one of the "violent public outcries", but, though he struggles mightily against it, he admits that the authors ignored important studies that show IQ is not tied to genetics:

    While The Bell Curve cites the work of James R. Flynn, who found substantial increases in mental test performances from one generation to the next in a number of countries around the world, the authors seem not to acknowledge the devastating implications of that finding for the genetic theory of intergroup differences, or for their own reiteration of long-standing claims that the higher fertility of low-IQ groups implies a declining national IQ level.

Flynn's studies, along with studies of immigrants and second-generation children, show that education and better social conditions (you know, like improving schools and making sure kids have enough to eat), increases IQ generation over generation. No wonder Murray and Hernstein ignored this. That could get expensive. Much cheaper to assume that blacks and latinos are and always will be 15 points less capable than anyone else, and leave it at that, don't you think? While we're at it, since they can't be helped anyway, why don't we start cutting all those tacky programs for poor folks?

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