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Friday, June 27, 2003

They paid someone for this?

So National Review Online publishes this: Mike Krause on Mexican Elections on National Review Online. No real need to read this. Just an American pontificating about the state of Mexican politics. As I stated before, if someone is speaking uninformed nonsense, they are usually echoing the conservative position, so this guy is telling us the PRI is a shoe-in for the next presidential election. One statement though, makes one question what he's learned about Mexico "in Quintana Roo, where I live". He says:

    This July 6, Mexicans will head to the voting booths in a midterm election for the 500-seat lower house of Congress, where the PRI holds a slim majority over President Vicente Fox's National Action party (PAN). ...
    It has been only three years since Fox ended more than seven decades of authoritarian rule by the PRI. If Fox's PAN party can win a clear or at least significant majority in the congress, it would clear the way to passing some of Fox's promised reforms, which the PRI has been blocking. If the PRI can increase, or at the least keep their current seats, they can continue to be spoilers and set the stage for the 2006 presidential elections, running against Fox as a "do nothing" president.

There is no way in hell Fox will be running in 2006. Mexican presidents are limited to one six year term. Candidates are usually chosen by el dedazo, and more recently the finger's choice was confirmed by primary.

Krause also snarks about Donald Colosio:

    In addition, nearly every light pole and commercial building in the sprawling Colosio Barrio, (named for assassinated PRI presidential candidate Donald Colosio, whose statue is still visited with flowers and wreaths some nine years after his murder) is tagged with pro-PRI graffiti or sporting a PRI paintjob.

Is it typical of someone working for someone working for something named the Independence Institute to be so profoundly ignorant of our neighbors? Does he not know why Luis Donaldo Colosio's death (and the subsequent presidency of the man who brought reform to Mexico's electoral system) is so important? Does he know who the Dinosauros were? Hell, I'm available, I speak Spanish better than Krause, and I take the time to do at least a little research before I spout off.

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