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Friday, June 20, 2003


I am unemployed. Having helped shutter my previous company, I am looking for employment in wireless communications and spending the in-between hours developing BREW applications.

As this was my fourth startup I was hardly unaware this could happen. We have savings sufficient for months of searching and unfortunately it looks like we may need every penny. One thing that really upsets me though is the insurance situation.

You see, COBRA is tied to the company you were with. If that company is no more, there is no more COBRA. So we purchased an emergency policy that is limited to 12 months. I am blessed with a strong constitution and rude good health, but those scales that manage to survive my tipping them read exceptionally high. Someone my size is condemned by current medical research and actuarial tables to a guarantee of heart attack, diabetes, stroke and the plague, despite my regular workouts and otherwise healthy lifestyle.

That's the rub. I would go without health coverage, except that I drive in the city and county of San Diego, where only Boston drivers are less competent. I can work on getting healthier. I can't work on getting luckier. Someday a Cadillac will shed the tremulous control of its aged driver, or a mini-van piloted by a mother screeching alternately at her kids and the road, or a 20-something conducting their social life with broad hand gestures over a cell-phone, will plow into my Subaru Forester. An unfortunate ambulance crew will have to lever me onto a stetcher, and the ka-ching wil start.

I believe in the free market. Can't someone design a helth insurance plan to guard you against accidents, and leave you on your own for health issues?

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San Diego Soliloquies