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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Technology Making Life Easier

There are three pieces of technology that I will never switch away from. In no particular order they are:

    Broadband to the Internet
    Privacy Manager

The first two of these may seem self-evident to the blognosceti. Tivo's praises are sung far and wide (see here, or here) and I dearly hope that you are not reading blogs over a dialup (ouch!).

I may be in a unique situation that I love Privacy Manager so much. You see I bought this house from my parents, and retained the telephone number we've had for 40 years. That's 40 years accumulating in multitudinous telemarketing databases. Just getting Caller ID wasn't enough, because there are quite a few people out there (mostly our friends) who block their numbers. So Privacy Manager is an intermediate step.

If you don't block, then you get right through. If you do block (and quite a few payphones block, BTW), then the Privacy Manager comes on, asks you to identify yourself, and then it calls me. If I'm home I answer, hear who it is, and approve them (if I want) and they get through. Everyone else goes to voice mail

Thus is dinner saved at La Casa Gallagher

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