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Monday, April 14, 2003

... and the horse you rode in on

The best mayor San Diego has had in the past 50 years was Pete Wilson, who went on to destroy the Republican Party in California for at least a generation. Definitely a twofer.

So, other than Pete, our Mayors, such as Frank Curran (Yellow Cab scandal), Roger Hedgecock (J. David bribery scandal, so naturally he's a conservative talk schow host now), Susan Golding (Chargers ticket guarantee), all argue forcefully for the City Manager government we've always had. They may have done damage, but think what they could have done if they really had a job to do.

Which brings us to our current mayor, Judge Dick Murphy. He's apparently a nice guy-though we voters got to choose between a nice conservative guy and a not-nice conservative guy for election-he seems to be a hard worker. But after letting everyone know on March 14th that there was enough work to do that he would seek another term, he announced on March 28th that no, he would not seek re-election. So this sent a lot of people to the phones, a lot of discussing amongst money types, et voila: (from the San Diego Daily Transcript)

The announcement capped an ordeal that played out just like rumors earlier in the week said it would: A rally led by local politicians and the business community would beg the mayor to run for a second term Thursday, and a humbled Murphy would hold a Friday press conference to say the outpouring had drawn him back into the race.

I'm not sure that ordeal was the right word. It was more like being at a concert when the band has walked off, and the crowd is anxiously clapping. You're not anxious because you know the band still hasn't played its #1 hit yet. But you are debating whether it might be a good idea to get a jump on traffic.

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San Diego Soliloquies